Traditional Performance

Welcome to the Traditional Music Performance of Suc Song Moi (SSM). Our performances are characterized by the unique and original style of our founder, Dong Quang Vinh, who orchestrates and rearranges all the pieces we perform.


Suc Song Moi (“The New Vitality”) is the only bamboo ensemble in Vietnam that performs symphonically orchestrated repertoire purely with bamboo musical instruments.

Suc Song Moi was established in 2013 by Dong Quang Vinh. The Ensemble’s musical instruments are all made from bamboo by Artist Dong Van Minh (father of Dong Quang Vinh) – a prominent bamboo music maestro. Current repertoire includes Vietnamese folk music and works from classical masterpieces by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Debussy, Ravel, Saint-Saens, Offenbach, Elgar etc. All were orchestrated, and rearranged by Dong Quang Vinh himself. Having inherited the passion for academic music from his father and combined with the unfettered mind of a young professional musical talent, Vinh set up the Bamboo Ensemble with an ambition to bring academic music closer to the younger generation with his unique and original style.

Not only in Vietnam, Suc Song Moi Bamboo Ensemble is also often invited to join international music festivals.


Established in 2013, Suc Song Moi (“The New Vitality”) has been the only bamboo ensemble in Vietnam which performs its own symphonically orchestrated repertoire purely by bamboo musical instruments, exclusively made by artist Dong Van Minh – a prominent maestro of bamboo music. Not only frequently featured on various prestigious domestic stages, Suc Song Moi Bamboo Ensemble is often invited to join international music festivals. From 2022, the Orchestra has expanded into the Suc Song Moi Traditional Orchestra, with a larger number of artists, musical instruments not only in the range of bamboo but also from ethnic groups across 3 regions of the country. The ensemble is now managed and operated by Suc Song Moi Bamboo Music Company.

Our Team


Join us as we embark on a musical journey that celebrates the beauty and heritage of Vietnamese traditional music, reimagined with a fresh and contemporary approach.Feel free to explore our upcoming performances and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of traditional music brought to life by the talented musicians of SSM.